News Update || 新鲜事务

We are excited about the potential to expand the network for Mandarin-Speaking Canadian Young Professionals to a brand new city, country and continent!! London, England, here we come!!

London Eye In London England 1024x682 London Heathrow Layover

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Recent Events || 最新活动

OCT, 2014- MGen University Major Exploration Seminar (Calgary)


OCT 4TH, 2014 – MGen “Amazing Race” (Calgary)


SEPT 20th, 2014- MGen Dinner & Drinks (Toronto)


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Network for Mandarin-Speaking Canadian Young Professionals

MGen 1.5 stands for “Mandarin Generation 1.5”. The term “Generation 1.5” was coined to refer to people who immigrated to a new country before or during their adolescence. We are the “1.5th generation” because we bring with us characteristics of our home country and characteristics from continuous assimilation and socialization in the new country. Our identity is thus a combination of multiple cultures and traditions.

We are an association of young Mandarin-speaking Canadian professionals working or pursuing professional degrees in the GTA(Greater Toronto Area) and Calgary. We are a group of fluently bilingual and bicultural,international-minded professionals with diverse skills and expertise to offer. MGen 1.5 will serve to advocate and promote our members to the Canadian and international community. We build and enable networking within our membership through various social, volunteering and professional development events.

MGen 1.5 exists to provide a network and platform for 1.5 Generation Mandarin Canadians. We aim to become the hub of MGen1.5 professional talents.




加华1.5代 (MGen 1.5) 是多伦多和卡尔加里1.5代华裔专业人士所创的非盈利组织。通过专业发展,社交活动,和社区服务,我们希望为中加专业人士提供一个相互认识和学习的平台。1.5代的成员在中西文化交汇的环境中成长,有包袱也有优势。在国际经济日益发展的今天,双语双文化背景有助我们的成员成为中西交流的桥梁。

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